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Thu. May 7th 2020
Mental health and wellness are more important than ever as we navigate COVID-19 and the constantly changing world around us. Remember to take time for yourself and support those around you to make an ...
Tue. May 5th 2020
The Bedford County Department of Fire and Rescue would like remind the citizens of Bedford County to be cautious when deciding to burn brush or yard debris. The burn ban expired May 01 but the conditi...
Fri. Mar 20th 2020
The Bedford County Board of Supervisors has decided to live stream the Board of Supervisors' Meeting. According to the official notice from the County Administrator, Mr. Robert Hiss: "On Mond...
Thu. Feb 13th 2020
There will be a statewide burn ban in effect, starting February 15th and in place through April 30th. No burning is permitted before 4:00 p.m. If you need to burn between 4:00-11:59 p.m, please contac...
Thu. Jan 16th 2020
Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue is now hiring for both Advanced Life Support/Firefighters and Basic Life Support/Firefighters! Please see the attached flyer for more information and cli...
*Fire Safety Activities*


Oct. 4 - 10 is Fire Prevention Week! Find fire safety activities here!


Fire Prevention Week is October 4th through October 10 and October is Fire Safety Month! This year's theme is "Close before you doze.", stressing the importance of closing doors before you sleep to help protect you in case there is a fire. This year's program is a little different than the in-school programs of past years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how the schools are operating on limited schedules. This year we are presenting an online program that has different activities and information for students and parents from kindergarten through middle school. Please click on the appropriate age group link below to get access to free information and activities that you can do at home. 




Parent/Teacher Information

 Close Before You Dose Info Sheet

 Close Before You Dose Graphic Sheet

 Smoke Detector Info Sheet


Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Activity 1-Sound Off   Activity 1-Sound Off

 Activity 2-Home Safety Patrol   Activity 2-Home Safety Patrol

 Activity 3-Detect the Dangers  Activity 3-Detect the Dangers


3rd/4th Grade

 Home Safety Patrol Storybook

 Activity 1-Close the door

 Activity 2-Sound Off Inspection

 Activity 3-Home Escape Plan


5th-7th Grade

 Activity 1-Close the Door

 Activity 2-Home Escape Plan


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