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Fri. Mar 20th 2020
The Bedford County Board of Supervisors has decided to live stream the Board of Supervisors' Meeting. According to the official notice from the County Administrator, Mr. Robert Hiss: "On Mond...
Mon. Mar 16th 2020
An EMS continuing education course is being offered on June 05-06, 2020, on neurological emergencies. This event was originally scheduled in May but has been re-scheduled. Please see the attached flye...
Thu. Feb 13th 2020
There will be a statewide burn ban in effect, starting February 15th and in place through April 30th. No burning is permitted before 4:00 p.m. If you need to burn between 4:00-11:59 p.m, please contac...
Thu. Jan 16th 2020
Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue is now hiring for both Advanced Life Support/Firefighters and Basic Life Support/Firefighters! Please see the attached flyer for more information and cli...
Mon. Dec 2nd 2019
REGIONAL PRE-DISASTER MITIGATION PLAN – COMMUNITY INPUT NEEDEDHas your home, business, or community been impacted or damaged by a natural hazard? The Central Virginia Planning District Commissi...
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For more information on which agencies may serve your specific address, please follow the link to the main Bedford County webpage to the GIS service maps.  There you can type in your exact address and see which agencies would be first due to your address as well as the assisting agencies (2nd and 3rd due).  Linked here:

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