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Thu. Apr 21st 2016
Blue Ridge Parkway Road Closings

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Thu. Feb 12th 2015
Kidde Recalls Disposable Plastic Fire Extinguishers Due to Failure to Discharge

This recall involves 31 models of Kidde disposable fire extinguishers with Zytel black plastic valves.  The recalled ext...

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Mon. Jul 7th 2014
Who do you call when your power is out?

Reserve 9-1-1 for Emergency CALLS ONLY!  Everytime there is a storm we have folks call 9-1-1 to report their power outag...

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 Click on the hyperlinks below to view specific SOGs

Fire/Rescue SOGs:

FR01 Organization and Adminstrative

FR02 Field Lieutenants/Captain's Role & Responsibility

FR03 Field Personnel Guidance

FR04 Chaplain Program

FR05 Fire Comapny Operations as EMS First Response Unit

FR06 Medical Evaluations for Staff

FR07-Awards Ceremony

FR08 Background Check

FR09 Field Personnel Training

FR10 Florescent Vest

FR11 Infection Control Plan

FR 12 Volunteer Application Process

FR13 Driving Emergency Fire & Rescue Vehicles

FR15 Identification Badges Assigned to Fire & EMS Members

FR16 Dispatch Procedure for Last Call

FR17 Hearing Conservation

FR18 After Action Review

FR19 Emergency Vehicle Operations and Apparatus Placement

FR20 Incident Accountability

FR21 Minimum Staffing and Response Requirement

FR22 Incident Command and Initial Operations

 FR26 Notification of Senior Staff

FR27 Dispatch Procedure for BCoFR Emergency Signal Activation

FR28 Fire and Explosions Investigation

After Action Review Form             

FRIT001 RIT Operations Guide

Fire Only SOGs:

F03 Instructor Pay 

F04 Apparatus Specification & Purchase

F06 Recinded Control and Mitigation of Electrical Emergencies 

F07 High Rise Operations

 F08 Turnout Gear Requisition

F09 Procedure for Boater assist calls on Smith Mountain Lake

F10 Tanker Task Force

F11 Dispatch Procedures for Tanker Task Force

HM05 Dispatch Procedures for Hazardous Materials Incidents

HM06 Hazardous Materials Found On, Near, Or In the Waters of SML

JFM1 Junior Membership

Rescue Only SOGs:

R01 Emergency Medical Services Education

R02 Ambulance Purchase & Replacement

R04 Recertification

R05 Preceptor Program

R06 Preceptor Qualification Requirements

R07 Quality Assurance & Quality Management

R08 EMS Revenue Recovery


Burn Ban begins Feb 15

The Commonwealth’s 4 p.m. Burning Law went into effect Feb. 15, 2016 – the start of spring fire season in Virginia.

This law prohibits burning before 4 p.m. each day (Feb. 15 – April 30) if the fire is in, or within 300 feet of, woodland, brushland or fields containing dry grass or other flammable materials. Burning of leaves, yard waste or trash continues to be the major cause of wildfires in Virginia. These "debris" fires can easily escape unless proper precaution is taken. Anytime you attempt to burn leaves or debris it is important that you notify the local fire department dispatch center at 540-586-7827 and plan to stay in attendance of your debris fire at all times. 

Click on this link to download a color poster about Debris Burning Safety:

Emergency Notification

Click on the link to register for Emergency Notifications from Bedford County to come to your cell phone.  Bedford County, in partnership with Geo-Comm, will send telephone notifications to residents and businesses within Bedford County, when impacted by, or in danger of being impacted by, an emergency or disaster. The Bedford County Emergency Notification System will only be used by emergency response personnel in order to notify residential homes and businesses with information regarding the event and if/what actions should be taken.

The Bedford County Emergency Notification System utilizes the area’s 911 data and can contact all land-lines, whether listed or unlisted, in the event of an emergency. It is TTY/TDD capable. If you utilize a Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone service, such as MagicJack, Vonage or a cable company provided phone service, or cellular phone for your primary residential/business line and you would like to be alerted over that line with the Emergency Notification System then you must register that number through Bedford County’s Emergency Notification System Opt-In site.

To register your VoIP phone, cellular phone, or e-mail address with the Bedford County Emergency Notification System please click the link below. If you would like to see examples of getting email to SMS notifications on your cellular phone please scroll down.

PLEASE NOTE: When registering or making changes after registering your cell phone or email address in the Bedford County Emergency Notification System it may take as much as 4 weeks before that cell number or email address becomes active for notifications due to the review, validation and activation process the County must complete.  Additionally, changes to your land-line phone number with your phone carrier may take a similar length of time to get through to Bedford County to become active on the alerting system.
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Region 2000 Hazard Plan
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